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The Hindu College along with Hindu Sabha Senior Secondary School and Hindu Sabha Sanskrit College Amritsar is run by the Hindu Sabhe (Regd.), Amritsar, a body of philanthropists aiming at:


(i)              (a) Promoting and propagating lofty ideas among the youth of the nation;

(iii)         (b) Producing healthy, intelligent, worthy and useful citizens.

 (c) Providing the younger generation with opportunities to acquire knowledge of sciences, humanities, commerce, computer science and information technology.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Read more

Dear Students,

I proudly welcome you to the portals of the Hindu College and laud your choice in deciding to pursue your higher studies in this renowned institution which, with its own glorious traditions, aims at providing education of the highest order.

            The main aim of education is the all-round development of a student i.e. the development of mind, spirit and body. Its purpose is to develop a student into an integrated person and to maintain a balance between inner, outer, emotional and practical aspects of one’s personality and life. If It is not done, it will result in skewed development of a mind and it is the duty of an educator to ensure the quality of education for a student. It is often said that we are entering the “Information Age” but I prefer to believe that we are entering an age of ideas, talents, and creativity, and no doubt an age of information too. What I believe is that if we all  work together we can make a difference. We can all contribute towards the creation of new mindsets able to thrive in the new millennium.

            In such a scenario, the Hindu College, your own college, has recast itself with the objective of development of career-oriented education and the promotion of qualitative improvement of such education. We are committed to make a significant contribution to the society’s true sustained and devoted efforts to provide quality education for integrated development. We are too ambitious to rest complacent at any stage of progress.

            Dear students, since you are now members of Hindu College Family, I expect a lot from you. What is required of you is that you put yourselves heart and soul in your studies and draw the maximum out of your learned and dedicated teachers so that in the years to come, you bring honour to yourselves, your alma mater, your society and above all your nation.



                                                                                                                                                                                             P.K. Sharma


The prime concern of true and meaningful education is to equip and empower the students with such capabilities, skills and values which enable them to develop a highly progressive and optimistic outlook while experiencing the turns and twists of life. Life in the 21st century has become stressful and complex given the pressure of laborious learning courses at educational institutes first and later on at work place also. Rendering the educational scenario more competitive, the country is now open to foreign universities and colleges to educate the Indian students. Undoubtedly, the new trends in education have come about exhorting the teachers to raise the standards even higher and set new milestones of success and hard work,

            Against this backdrop, I realize that the role and responsibility of a teacher increases manifold in imparting academic, vocational and high moral learning to the students, In fact, the teacher performs the most sacred duty of dispensing knowledge to the students and of guiding them as to how the gain in knowledge should parallel with the gain in wisdom through the years of learning at the college. The purpose of human life itself is to attain the best blend of the two.

            We, on our part, extend full co-operation and complete co-ordination in consistently creating and promoting a highly conducive academic ambience in the college, for we firmly believe that education imparted with a holistic perspective transforms a student into a human being who not only realizes his true self but also becomes aware of his duties as responsible, law-abiding and productive citizen of his state and nation.

            The present times characterised by unparalleled advancement of super-sensitive technologies, cut-throat competitions and reasserting human desires of reaching the apex impact a person’s body and mind in ways more than one, demanding from him a very high level of energy, efficiency and performance. So, here we are making sincere and conscientious efforts to ensure that our students excel in all areas of academic, technical and behavioral skills so that they achieve all, success, contentment and pleasure in life.


                                                                                                                                                                  P.N. Arora


Welcome to Hindu College

Our Mission

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  We have a very clear mission of augmenting our society and state with  otential  human resources who are capable of bringing about appropriate and reformative changes in the cultural, potential and economic scenario of the country.   

Accordingly, we equip expertise and a strong value system leading to their super success as professional of global recognition and as ambassadors of their alma mater. The institution is committed to maintain its rich tradition.  And for all this, naturally, the college needs generous grants without which it will be difficult to meet the desired objectives


Our Vission

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We are determined to take our institution to new heights of excellence pursuing our dream to be one of the most renowned and leading institute of the region providing not only state-of the-art infrastructure to the students but also the most sought after teaching-learning experience blended with a perfect ambience conducive to this end. We envision our bright, brilliant and buoyant young scholars growing into worthy, globally acknowledged citizens surmounting challenges in personal and professional areas and scaling ever-rising heights of success.


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Hindu College,Dhab Khatikan,
Amritsar -143 001, Punjab,INDIA.

Phone:- +91-183- 2556824, 2547147

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About Hindu College

aboutusbutton-overHindu College, Amritsar was founded in 1924 in order to meet the growing demand for university education in the town, which was served at that time by only a single institution situated at a distance of four miles from the heart of the city